Program for small businesses

What is the program for small businesses?

The program for small businesses in the local market and in foreign trade is intended for companies and businesses with an annual turnover of B2B transactions of up to five million shekels, who are interested in protecting credit sales to their customers.

The policy provides protection against non-receipt of payment due to:

This insurance cover ensures payment for transactions made also in such cases.
The insuring company is able to choose a number of alternatives for managing the policy:

The choice will affect the terms of cover on the one hand, and the level of interaction and management load on the other hand.

Highlights of the program

The small business insurance program provides a solution adapted to the size of small businesses who are interested in protecting their credit sales, and provides a convenient platform to expand financing for these customers.

These insurance covers ensure that you will receive payment for transactions made.

Insurance advantages for small businesses with ICIC