Insurance of related companies and marketing channels

What is insurance of subsidiaries and marketing channels?

Insurance of subsidiaries and distribution channels is intended for companies which have subsidiaries and/or distribution channels, and are interested in protecting credit transactions carried out by those related companies and distribution channels in Israel or abroad.

This insurance cover secures transactions made by distribution channels and related companies in cases where the final buyer is unable to pay as a result of economic difficulties or insolvency.

The insuring company can choose a number of alternatives to manage the policy:

The insuring company can even decide on a combination of the two, at its convenience.

The insuring company can monitor its operations fully, including operations of various distribution channels, through ICIC's advanced online system, which enables simple and convenient management of the policy through the internet, from any place in the world and at any time.

Highlights of the program Protection against non-payment by customers, due to:

Advantage of insuring subsidiaries and marketing channels with ICIC