Medium-term transaction insurance

What is medium-term transaction insurance?

In the framework of its obligation to supply every company with an insurance policy adapted to the nature of its operations, ICIC offers medium-term transactions insurance. This unique insurance program provides protection to transactions with credit of over a year until seven years, and a unique platform for financing these transactions. The program is intended both for exporters and companies operating in the local market.

Highlights of the program

Medium term transactions insurance enables you to protect transactions that you made under credit terms of up to seven years, both in the local market and in the framework of foreign trade:

For government or public customers:

Protection against non-receipt of payment due to political risks in the customer's country, such as: War, revolution, prohibition of sending foreign currency, nationalization, cancellation of import licenses and more.

For companies and corporations:

Protection against non-receipt of payment by customers due to:

The program is a basis for financing transactions through the Israeli banking system:

Advantages of mid-term long-term transactions insurance with ICIC